We are professionals who have worked in the creative industry for years with different titles. We are a creative agency that uses our experience in brand communication to provide support services to the creative industry.

Pain Points in The Creative Industry

New Way of Working

Remote work has taken over the world in the past 2 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Agency networks in the West are now outsourcing tasks to countries like the Philippines, India and Nigeria to meet tight campaign deadlines and multiply their capabilities.  Time zone and currency differences allow them to save on labor costs while effectively doubling daily output.

Quick Learners Crisis

The shift in lifestyle brought on by quarantine allowed many people to improve their creative skills with online tutorial-based learning methods. Now, tens of thousands of inexperienced workers are flooding the remote creative industry. This means that finding qualified creatives online is increasingly difficult and expensive. And managing a remote global team can be close to impossible.

Our Cost-Beneficial & Sustainable Solution

Why Turkish Creatives for agency needs?

Turkey is uniquely situated between Europe, Asia and the Middle East and is known as the Gateway to Europe. Turkey’s creatives have a better understanding of the social norms, language, and design sensibilities of Western clients compared with talent from other countries popular for outsourcing. At a fraction of the cost of low-level US or UK talents, we can recruit senior-level creatives in Turkey.

Thanks to the currency difference, working with Turkish creatives can bring a huge cost benefit to clients compared to domestic platforms or creative talents.

Cetudio is a collaborative studio with a perfect blend of Turkish & British Creatives